This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Pvp Palooza is a 50 person PVP Classic Tekkit Towny server with plugins like MCMMO, Mob Arena, and iConomy. Currently just starting off we soon plan to host larger Towny Wars and server events.

No whitelist on the server just join and start building*

*after you read the rules of course

Rules of the server currently are:

  1. No hacked clients

  2. No sexist of racist comments

  3. No advertising of other servers

  4. No border or towny exploits

  5. Be respectful of others

  6. No 1x1 towers or holes

  7. No combat logging

7.5. No /sethome raiding

  1. Be reasonable when raiding

  2. Build away from the spawn

  3. No quarries above ground

  4. Do not build farms that will lag the server or exploit glitches, like EMC glitches

  5. Don't ask admins anything

because this is a PvP server we do have to ban items to make sure the server remains working and PvP is fair, banned items consist of:

All of Equivalent Exchange except energy condensers dark matter boots, red matter boots and the ingredients necessary
All Quantum armor except quantum leggings
All wireless redstone
Ender Chests
Computer Craft
Additional Pipes
Mining laser
All of Balkons Weapons except for flails and battleaxes
Crystal chests
Any type of chunk loaders
Tunnel Bore
Feed Station
Feed Station
and Forcefields

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