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Trekkit - An Honest SMP Tekkit Server

Server Spawn

Server Spawn

This is where you'll spawn. Pretty small, but informational! Contains all main rules for the server and the aforementioned Teleportation Sign.
The Teleportation Sign

The Teleportation Sign

Right-click this and you should teleport away! (Within a radius of 3000 blocks.)


I decided to create Trekkit after being disappointed with what most other servers offered in terms of plugins and the "social gap" between the server owners/moderators and the players.

In Trekkit, there is no economy, no towny, no skyblock, no faction and no minigame plugins!

We don't have a server shop.
-You have to trade with other players or find the things yourself.
We don't have minigames such as skyblock or prison and we don't include separate worlds such as a "creative" world.
-Tekkit wasn't built or designed for these things and we want the players to feel the accomplishment of crafting expensive items and tools.
We don't have factions or teleport-home installed.
-These plugins can severely limit what players can do or can be abused.

It would be an outright lie to say that we don't have any plugins installed, because we do. But none of them conflict with the "vanilla" multiplayer
experience of Minecraft. They are simply there for Moderation purposes or are there because they are needed.

We have the Morpheus server-mod installed so that when a certain percentage of players on the server are sleeping, the server will skip to day.
We have WorldGuard and WorldEdit installed to protect the small spawn "hub." (If you could even call it a "hub.")
We have a plugin made specifically for this server (by yours truly) called "Better Wilderness" which allows for truly random teleporation.

We want to keep the vanilla feel of Minecraft with the perks of Tekkit. The whole idea was to create a new server that had the original ideals of a server from a long time ago.

Don't mistake this for an anarchy server, however. This server encourages team-work, trading and relationship-building!

From the way this text has been written, you might think that this server is very strict, but we are the complete opposite. ;-)
This server is primarily *not* PvP based, but is an SMP server. You can ask to have PvP enabled, but you would only be able to fight other people with PvP enabled. This is still *greatly* discouraged.

For rules, visit
For more information, visit


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