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Alan's Legendary Server

pin_drop (private server)

Imagine a world where your sense of adventure is reignited yet is still familiar, a world ran by a small, intimate community. Meet Alan's Legendary Server.

Meet our modpack:

  • 150 mods (various magic, technical and adventure mods)

  • Breathtaking Atmosphere: become aware of your surroundings, every step you make, every hit you take will feel real. Never has an adventure been so immersive.

  • Technically Superior: all mods in the pack have been configured to suit our server to ensure maximum performance and enjoyment. We're running a custom dedicated server with a 1GBPS connection and 16 GBs of RAM.

  • Solder Enabled: Solder has been enabled - meaning whenever something changes you don't have to redownload the entire modpack

Discord Server:

Join the Discord server and tag @Alan, he'll provide you with the server IP :smiley: See you there! :heart:

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