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Complex Gaming FTB

Complex Gaming FTB


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                        Direct Server Connects!

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banned for making an alternate world anchor and before i could tell the admins what it was they banned me because apparently i was lagging the server from 4 cobblestone pipes with about 10 cobblestone in it lol, if thats all it takes to make the server ya better off not playing at all considering the lag is pretty bad as soon as you join the server, also even if youre right the admins will mute you for talking back
Posted 16th Feb 2022
Their Tekkit Classic server has always been an echo chamber, just lame people, owner is unlikeable, not self aware at all...
Posted 21st Jan 2022
This is a really fun mod-pack server. It's been my latest hyper-fixation of late. At least till Endwalker comes out. It's really fun especially since you are rather limited on your resources since it's a skybox type world.
Posted 26th Nov 2021
Okay, their tekkit classic server has reviews turned off so i must leave this review here, i have been abused by the presumed owner who was messaging me through console. I, joking around said 'oi'... literally just 'oi' to an admin who told me to stop being rude, and once i was told to stop being rude i was messaged through the server (owner) to piss off. Now, this points out pure hypocrisy within the staff of this server, and when i called out this abusive staff member he muted me so i couldn't make my point heard so i changed from survival to Faction to join a couple friends and he follows me, which is now harassment and mutes me on there too... about 10 minutes after the mute i am abruptly banned with no warning and no provocations.
Long story short, be prepared for abusive admins who break their own rules....
Posted 3rd Oct 2018