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Cityscape 1.2.5 [24/7] [Factions] [Towny]


Welcome to CityScape!

I'm sorry about the huge downtime, payment problem, please reconnect through the new ip and itll all be fine!

You can own various things, such as a town or a faction.

The server is currently a survival server where you can go pvp in the arena, kill monsters in the mob arena, shop in the market place ect, it has many plugins including Factions to amplify your game experience.

Another aspect of the server is that you can purchase your own worlds,
£2 for a survival world!
£5 for a creative world!

All you have to do is send the money through paypal or another payment thing to: and you will have your own world!

The server is in production but open to the community, we are currently building a GIANT world with homes and skyscrapers that will eventually become an rpg world, you can choose your starting city, get a job and build your way to the top.

We hope you join CityScape.

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