This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes. However, this server has been relisted as MeltdownNetworks.
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Huge apologies about the banner, had to reduce GIF from 280Kb to 64Kb soo..

MeltdownNetworks is a brand new server network. At the moment it is limited to Tekkit Legends as the other servers have yet to be setup. Please be aware this is NEW, there WILL be problems and it might be unstable

Great support
Keep inventory
Player shops
Great uptime

...and much more!
-Create extra servers

*Select servers

Am happy with the server nice community , However the staff are barely ever on and _Savage_Gaming_ is the only staff member ive seen for the whole 10 hours ive been on this server more staff that care just as much as _savage_Gaming_.

promote him please he's the only staff on :|
The server replied:
Hey, this is due to there being only 3 Moderators for the server and I do not believe any more are needed and obviously these Moderators are people with lives so I can not force them to join the server. If you really need some help I highly recommend joining the Discord server. I and at least 1 other staff member is almost guaranteed to be on the DIscord.

- Owner
Posted 18th Apr 2017
Good server, seems to always time out though. Furthermore there are some players on the server who grief others yet staff do not do much about it.
The server replied:
The time-outs were due to I problem with an item, to my knowledge I have fixed this. With the grief, plug-ins are difficult to configure correctly to work with mod-packs, modded explosions are not logged so it is almost impossible to attempt to fix grief.

- Owner
Posted 17th Apr 2017
Pretty good, I haven't encountered any issues other than the excessive restarts.
I mean really, its too much for people with bad PCs.
Posted 31st Mar 2017
Great server with a dozen players on at a time but often has really bad lag issues and banned items that are really useful!
Posted 28th Mar 2017