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Welcome to Divine Tekkit!


(Note/Warning: The following is for people for at least 15+ and have a freakin awesome life.)

Alrighty, how's it going guys? It's CJ here, and I setup a nice official tekkit server which will be up for most of the time. Mostly on the weekends and when I get home from my studies at around 3:00 PM UCT+5 .If you have any questions, please ask me anything on Skype: @kojishimc. Picture is (Charles) in white letters and a tree like structure in the background. Shouldn't be hard to miss.
Plugins included:
RankBot - Fixing
WorldEdit (WE)
TEAMSPEAK 3. - WIP (Work in Progress)
LWC - Glitchy
Lots of Anti-Cheating plugins. Dupers/Cheaters will be caught!
...And Much more to come!

Little bit of information on the Owner:
I'm 14 and I am a supporter of Bronies, cancer, disabled people, etc. Brony? Haters gunna hate? I think so. If you got a problem with bronies, don't even bother coming on. I'm not going to tolerate your shit. I think that's enough for me. My hands are getting sore...if you have anymore questions, ask me on TS 3 or Skype. Man this server kicks so much ass, good thing it's immune to PussyFoot Syndrome.

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