This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Wolfcraft12 Tekkit Server


This is very small server very private and peacefull and all so times when there is no peace what so ever when you plunge into some hardcore pvp! There are banned items like Rm tools and Dm tools mining lasers and more but bacsically if you think something is banned try to make an if you can well then its most likely not banned except crystal chests. The Wolfcraft12 Server will be changing alot very soon it will become a hardcore griefing server it will be so much fun! That doesn't mean you should join it means you should sense its no a griefing server you can get your items easier and not loose them so fast and if you want to keep your stuff you can by sending me an email or go to the website and tell the cords and your name before the server resets which my server will tell you by saying something like "We are going to be reseting the server on this day" so get your ready get your stuff and have fun!


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