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Red's First Public Server! (Tekkit Classic)


Hey guys, my IGN is misterrredstone, and my friends call me Red mostly! This is my very first Public Server! (e.g. in a list online).
and I might in the future add perks and donation ranks, and stuff like that.
We have tons of plugins, including plugins like GriefPrevention, Towny, Multiworld, and more!
Credits go to:
F4WL - For an AMAZING spawn area + more help
misterrredstone (Jaden LeMieux) - Owner, Creator, and more
ChickenBake100 (MaskedRPM8) - One of my best friends, also has a YouTube Channel, and has played mods and stuff w/ me

The Full IP/Address of the Server is:
Server Software/Software Credits:
Ngrok - How I do not have to do any port forwarding (The Bane of My Life by the way)
The Tekkit Classic Server zip, and the peeps that created it - For the files and bukkit with that too

  • ALL of those Plugins!! - Too many to add into here, sorry!

And A server website is in the works!!

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