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Tamers of Lux MMORPG Based, Classes & Skills + Cra


Tamers of Lux will be going for an open RPG-Pixelmon experience.
With this RPG aspect of Pixelmon we want to include a massive amount of things to do while on the server.
Whether it be dungeoneering, training to be the pokemon master, being a magnificent builder, beating up our custom bosses, making secret bases, finding all the secret areas, or even waging war against your neighbor!!

Key Features:

Guilds: For the team player inside all of us.
There will be a guild system set in place so you can associate yourself with the people you want to be with.
Note: Being part of a Guild does NOT grant them access to your land claim.

Dungeons: There will be many different sized Dungeons and areas to explore throughout the world.
Many rewards will be found!
Random trainers wandering throughout the dungeons.
Random Rare Pokemon and Custom Monsters as well.
The Greater the risk the Greater the Reward!

Open World Exploration: While we will have a map for our "theme and story’s sake"
You are more than welcome to explore all corners of the world without having to complete prior Quests/Server related events.
Some small exceptions of course like Spawn tutorial and Secret Areas.

Evolve your Character: You will have the chance to submerge your self inside our RP System.
Why let your pokemon have all the fun?
Grab your favorite class and Evolve once you reach a certain Class level!
Go from a Squire to a Brave Knight!
or From a Pirate to a Cannoneer!!
As you Level up you will gain more HP, Get Stronger, Faster, Learn New Moves.
The whole Pokemon Experience will happen inside you!
And Yes.. you can have more than 4 moves at a time!!
We have a HUGE selection of classes to satisfy 99.9% of all players!
Miko, Ninja, Magicians, Wind Seer, Water Seer, Samurai, Aqua Squire, Beastlings and many many more classes to choose from!

Combat and Skills: Depending on your Chosen Class, You will have access to an Arsenal of Skills.
Combat Skills Can be used on other players, pokemon, NPCs and the Environment.
Gathering skills will allow you to find treasure while fishing,
find random ores while mining the simplest stone (at a high enough level),
Bring Trees crashing down with a single Blow!
We have ~150 Skills and more are being made as this is being written!
90% of the skills CAN be used WHILE riding pokemon, Making for some Amazing Showdowns in the air!
And many many more uses that you will have to find yourself!!

Unique pokemon spawning mechanism: That you will have to log in to the server to experience for yourself!
All/Most Pokemon have had their spawning areas changed and spawn rates increased/decreased.
Some days you'll see Swarms of [Example] Charmander, other days that same pokemon might be the rarest in the server.
Catch them while you can!

Quests: Using Custom NPC’s we will guide the player through many different obstacles and challenging tasks to complete the quest at hand.
There will even be fights for your life where your pokemon will help you even outside of official battles!
Make sure you carry plenty of healing items!!

Competition: This is going to stay a secret but there will be many ways more ways than just battling to assert your dominance over other players.
Sometimes knowledge will save you.
Sometime Brawn will save you.

Cracked Server: Yes you read that right, The server comes to all who wish to play it.
we are not all fortunate enough to be able to afford Minecraft (and some of us are to cheap to buy it) but that doesn't mean you should be left out on all the excitement!
Come on in and gives us a shot!

Required Mods:
Forge V10.13.2.1230
Gilby's VC 1.7.10 V0.4.0
Custom NPCs 1.7.10b
Pixelmon 1.7.10 V3.3.8
Too Much Time 1.7.10-2.3.2.B13
Server ModPack

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