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Cybercrafts Tekkit


Cybercrafts Tekkit is back and better than ever!

Cybercrafts is a community driven server, and we take in and consider every one of our users requests or suggestions to make our server better. We are working hard to expand our server capacity and improve your quality of life while playing on our server.

Server Specs:
Online 24/7
Intel Xeon 2GHz
Dedicated RAM
SSD storage optimised for our server
Super fast gigabit ethernet

For suggestions or requests for new features or changes to our server, email or send an in-game message to "CJEllis245" or "ChilleyPanda2" who are currently our server operators.

Our server is in development and we'd love to hear your feedback.
Note - Our plugins prevent (ban) some items from being used so if you let us know we can quickly unban them.


  • We have successfully unbanned the item "fly ring" (Swiftwolf's Rending Gale). Sorry for any inconvenience caused. It's all good to use now!
  • We apologise for the extreme amount of downtime lately, we have been working hard to get our server back online. It is all good to go now!
This server is so freaking fast! There was no lag at all for me! I also love the spawn with the red and dark matter, it looks pretty cool. Overall great, but you guys should add some more stuff to the shop :)
I am going to play this server every day now. Just great. One of the admins chilleypanda2 was on and he was very friendly and happy to give me advice on the reactor I was building. Thanks guys!
Posted 6th Oct 2016
Server was wonderful until I couldn't make a fly ring because it's banned.

I can understand banning the ring of arcana and its ingredients, but banning the fly ring is like asking people not to play on your server.
Posted 5th Oct 2016