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Rockets Tekkit (Tekkit Legends)


Download this Zip of mods and come join the server! see you there!

1.Download the Zip and open it with winrar or 7zip

  1. go to the start menu and type %appdata% and click Roaming when it appears
  2. inside roaming click .technic
  3. inside .technic click modpacks
  4. inside modpacks click TekkitLegends
  5. Inside TekkitLegends find the mods folder
  6. drag the two .jar files into the mods folder located in here
  7. restart the game and join!
really fun! a bit laggy at times but its to be expected of a Tekkit server! I like the feel of the server and I hope more can see how unique this server is! 10/10!
Posted 1st Jun 2019