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Epic Lands [Tekkit classic][Factions][Staff needed


Hello and Welcome to Epic Lands Server advertisement.

Our server:

Our server is a tekkit classic 24/7 Factions PvP and Raids server. We aim to be the best and we aim to give a fun community for both you, and your friends. Team up with friends or other players and get as much power as you can then destroy your enemies! Feel like you have too little power and you want to be strong and lazy? You can donate at our Donation store for awesome advantages and items!

Our server has 4GB of RAM which is plently for a starting point of a tekkit classic server. The server is based in France so i good for all surrounding countries and also other countries far away. We are up 99% of the time appart from odd restarts to give the server a nice refresh to prevent lag or any other problems the server may end up having.

Our staff are here to help you! If you have a problem, speak to them and they will help you. Also if you have any recommendations you are able to post them in the recommendations column in the forums and we will check them and see what you have put and weather we are able to add the things you want implemented into the server.

If you feel any of our staff are being abusive please report it to an Owner or put it on the forums. We care about our players.


We have many plugins that help to make our community fun!

  • Factions - Awesome for setting up little or big teams and having wars with others!

  • Group manger - Permission plugin to allow you to use commands!

  • Tekkit restrict - Ban items and stop hackers!

  • Essentials - Easy to use commands! Very Helpful!

  • Core protect - Fix any griefs!

And much much more!

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