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justplaymc! 24/7!! COME JOIN US! :D EE reduced! SA


Hey guys welcome to justplay! We are a dedicated tekkit server ran out of Seattle Washington USA! We have very dedicated staff and the owner(Myself) as well. We are currently looking to improve/expand out player base so now is the time to join!


64 gbs ram
intel hexa core, hyper threaded for mysqls
1000 mps internet speed up/down
t3 connection for great global ping!

Use common sense
No Griefing
No using mods/hacked client
No spawn killing
Respect all fellow players and staff!
Banned items:

Before i post the banned items id like to say that we do not disable EE, It is still active BUT we do disable ALL distructive items to the server, And dont start off by saying "oh thats all the items in tekkit!" Cause its not, there are hundreds, thousands of items in tekkit that are open for use! Also Solar panels are banned on our server because in Quntity, they cause major tick lag, we understand this could be a problem for some people but do not fret, we have increased the power output of other EU generators!

Banned items:

Industrial TNT
OV Scanner
Sticky Dynamite
Mining Lasers
TNT cart
Gem armor
Quantom Chest Plate
RedMatter Armor
DarkMatter Chest
Redmatter morningStar
War hammer of any kind
Solar Panels(only IC2, They are a major source of tick lag and will bring any server to Its knees over time!) We have turned the power output of other EU sources up!
Water Mills (server crash bug)
Terraformers (lots of grief)
Transmutation Tablets (duplication glitch)
Mercurial Eye (Bypasses protection)
RM/DM hoe (tears up the map)
Destruction catalyst (Horrible grief)
All rings/Amulets ACCEPT swift-wolfs rending gale! Obvious reasons.
Teleport pipes (use redpower tubes.)
Mining Well (bug with energy links)
Collectors (overpowered)
Philosophers stone (cannot be held)
Chunk loaders/Teleporters (Keeps chunks loaded hurts the server)
RM furnace (Dupe glitch)
Forcefields of any kind (Greatly abused)

"This server is freaking awesome!"
"Awesome Cake!"
"Come for the gaming! stay for the Flaming!"
"Build to your hearts content!"
Come join today guys! If you wanna contact me (the owner) you can add me on skype! or join our facebook page!

Skype: conker5295


Good luck!s.

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