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Welcome to Solaris-Tekkit!

What is Solaris-Tekkit?

We are a fun Tekkit Classic server who cares about its players. We have an Autorank-System where you can earn a new kit for your new rank just by playing for a certain amount of hours!

What else can we do for you?

We also offer many great plugins to you, We have some custom plugins, Chestshop to allow for player stores, and a great Economy, Plus only a few Banned Items!

We have a great staff team, full of people who are experienced with tekkit and thrive to make your gameplay as great as possible! We also have lots of information offered on our website! Still cannot find what you need? Well, you can always just ask the staff team if they are online, or ask around on the forum.

We are always looking to improve our server with more features and more special events for you :)

Hope to see you on Solaris-Tekkit!

-Solaris-Tekkit Team

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