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Chillax Tekkit

Chillax Tekkit 150+ mods!


Welcome to Chillax Tekkit!
WE have went above and beyond for our growing community to make a custom modpack for everyone to come and play on!
This specific server is the 1st server on the mod pack! We decided what a way to kick it off no other then making a NO RULES, HACKS ALLOWED PVP anarchy modded server!
Who ever said dreams dont come true?

Modpack download instructions:
If you dont already have technic launcher go download it
To get this modpack on your launcher, you have 2 options
Option 1:
Search 'Chillax Tekkit' on modpack search
Option 2:
Download from this link:

Now enter our ip and start your journey!

We have a network discord server:
Feel free to @ one of our Network CEO's for any questions or help!


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