This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to: War Of The Machines

This is a Tekkit Classic server 3.1.2

We are a new server looking for you awesome players to come & join us in our
tekkit adventure.

Obviously we have some banned items just like all mod pack servers but you can
unlock some of them by donating to the server.
(All banned items and donation info is on the server)

Don't let our banned items or rules put you off the server because we offer the
best tekkit classic experience and try our best to make all of you awesome
players happy.

We have a normal world where you can build explore and have fun with these rules.


1: No raiding/griefing
2: No hacking or cheating in anyway
3: No asking for staff/op
4: No advertising
5: No racism or religious comments
6: Respect all staff & players
7: No inappropriate builds or skins

We all so have a world completely for mining which has no rules apart from dont
destroy spawn.


1: Kicked (1 kick = 1 warning) (You get 3 warnings)
2: Muted (Spamming or disrespecting or racism)
3: Jail (Depending on your crime depends on your time in jail)
4: Tempban (All so depends on your crime)
5: Banned (As a last resort)


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