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Protech 24/7 tekkit server EE enabled -=-The time


Protech server

Ever got bored of using faction servers?
And towny just breaks and leaves u bankrupt of bored?
Well to be quiet honest Ive been on servers like that,
and it dosent end well

1: You ask, surely factions and pvp are amasing

Answer: They are indeed thats why we have had in the past

and in present added mob/pvp arena's.

  1. But I wanna build Great towns WITHOUT getting greifed!

Answer: My dear reader There is a thing called admins, Admins Help you in greifing and will reset ur items, get you a plot system using worldGuard Or even just have them talk to you and help you with spawning items, For BIG builds

OUR best Feature!

Most big servers DONT allow you to build
BIG progects, Well we believe that is RUBBISH
And should be THROWN away.
So here are some builds we did and how you can do some to with HOLE SERVER!
Whitelist app:

Key= != NEEDED *=optional
! IGN:
! Reason you wish to join:

  • Any creations u have made:
    ! are you allowed pvp or greifing:

(You can add me on skype: profjb58)
Or request my email or steam accounts. THX, just quicker whitelist that way.

Admins/op's FAME WALL:


TO APPLY for WHITELIST send an app to me ok skype, profjb58 !!! or go to


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