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Taladi Kingdom (Tekkit legends)


Tekkit Legends 24/7 Dedicated server + Factions, Mobarena, SwornRPG

Taladi Kingdom is a fresh rented 24/7 dedicated server hosted and rented in the UK.
This is a no-lagg server, enjoy the smooth gameplay!

Friendly community, growing quickly and expanding.

Hacks are banned.

Mobarena, join the mob arena solo or form up with friends, try different classes and combo's and try seeing how many waves you can survive, earn rewards and climb the leaderboard while your at it.

Factions, create factions, grow, form alliances, create enemies, raise wars.

Shops, trade, trade, trade, even for the rarest of loot such as mob eggs.

I go on to the server, there was no spawn or anything, I get told to "**** Off" by on of the people there the moment I join. The same guy also says "You feeling lucky punk" and then banned me from the server.

I do not recommend this server at all and is a waste of time, it should also be brought down off the server list if they are not accepting players despite advertising themselves, and have very rude staff.
Posted 6th Jul 2016