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Server Rules

Server Rules

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We offer both playtime-based and paid ranks.


Spawn Exterior

Spawn Exterior



Tekkit Classic Version: 3.1.2

Minecraft Version: 1.2.5

Server Type: Survial
Land Claiming: Grief Prevention (Gold Shovel)
PVP? Toggled with /PVP. Can be done almost anywhere at any time, assuming your target has PVP enabled as well.
Towny? We do not offer towny, however, you can make towns using Grief Prevention!

Last Map Reset: March 1, 2024

UnknownTekkit, otherwise known as UT-MC, is the oldest Tekkit Classic server still standing! We launched in June 2014 with the goal to provide the least restrictive Tekkit Classic experience possible. We use a multitude of custom developed patches, fixes, enhancements improve performance, stability, and playability, without compromising on your experience!
Come find out what UnknownTekkit is all about!

How to install Tekkit Classic and join the server:

Server Description

In case the server description image above does not appear, here are its contents:

Why UnknownTekkit?
*Unlike many other servers, we constantly strive to provide the best possible Tekkit Classic experience, and greatly value our community!

A dynamic and advanced economy system helps keep a balance between beginning and end game users!

A combination of high end server grade hardware and custom patches provides a smooth and enjoyable experience for all users.

Staff Team
Our skilled and dedicated staff team ensures that the community remains friendly and provides quality support to users in need!

Custom Plugins
We offer many custom plugins to provide features such as a reliable keep inventory system, vote crates, a unique chat based shop system, and cloud chests!

We offer a friendly, active, and helpful community that always welcomes new members, and won't hesitate to lend a hand to those who need it!

UnknownTekkit, formerly known as Realm of the Unknown, is one of the longest standing Tekkit Classic servers around! We opened our doors on June 8, 2014!

*World anchors are limited to certain ranks.

Lucky to have this server!!! It's one of a kind. Please come and boost the playercount!
Posted 1st Apr 2024
The best tekkit server i've ever seen, you really need to play this amazing server!
Posted 17th Jun 2021
I've been playing this server for probably close to 4 years now, on and off.

I'm impressed simply by how long this server has survived. On top of that, lots of custom plugin work has happened over that time.

The best, in my opinion, is that if too many items fall to the ground, it'll automatically start removing them. So now when I want to mass demolish an area with a filler, I stay above 0.3FPS.

Always nice to have a server to come back to and still have my donor rank.
Posted 21st Apr 2021
An amazing server with friendly staff
Could not be more fun (102 hours here)
Posted 15th Feb 2021
Great Tekkit Classic Server, barely any banned items and limitations. Fair and friendly staff team. Active discord and player base. Not much I can fault.
Posted 1st Feb 2021
Played for about 10hrs now gained the rank of known have received help from the administration and enjoying my time hoping to create a under ground town/ working factory then expand to the surface just waiting on my quarry thanks Night.
Posted 28th Jan 2021
First of all, it is a great server with great people. One of the best servers I have been on. And I am sorry for all the things that I have done. You guys deserve the best.

All the staff members are great :) They care about each and every one.
And I fucked everything up. And I am sorry.
Posted 30th Jul 2020
Holy hot diggity damn the hours i've racked up on this 'ere server can barely compete with the time i've spent with my grandma. Only downside is that the rules take a small day or two to get familiar with. 14/10 would join again.
Posted 12th May 2020
The moderators of the server will destroy anything you build if they want that spot. over 50 hours in they destroyed my 70k block superhighway using console cmds to do it in seconds.
The server replied:
Your "superhighway" was completely surrounding the spawn claim...
I'm not sure what you expected to have happen, considering that's a pretty clear violation of the rules. (Building around 3+ sides of a claim)

Oh, and by the way Joshyg504, aka Blappo#4148, very mature reaction from you on Discord. I'm sure you make your mother proud. (
Posted 12th May 2020
Awesome server. Anything that is banned is done with justifacation and purpose.
The economy is fun to particapate in but not essential if you do not like that aspect of the server.
Im a big fan.

-Sereth (260 hours on server)
Posted 13th Apr 2020
i played tekkit classic for a long time and this is one of the best with the fewest banned items
Posted 3rd Mar 2020
fantastic server! ive been playing here for a couple weeks and this is by far the best tekkit classic server ive found
the staff are cool the server isnt laggy and the only two banned items are ones youd never really use anyways so i dont mind them
i love this server and if you dont at least try it youre missing out
Posted 8th Sep 2019
They Lie in there Advertisements about world anchors its donor only Therefore lying.
The server replied:
Could you point to where we say anyone/everyone can use World Anchors in our advertisements?

Oh wait, you can't, because we don't. World Anchors are limited because they keep a 3x3 chunk (48x48 block) area loaded 24/7, even while their owner is offline. If everyone could use these, there'd be thousands of chunks, especially those with factories, loaded constantly, which no server would be able to handle very well.
Posted 6th Sep 2019
I have only been with this server for a matter of days and already grown to love it. When you need help its very easy to get an answer within discord or within the game as the community spirit is great within this server.

The staff are very responsive to feedback from its community on how it can improve. Especially the owner.

I hope this will be the server I am with for the coming future.

- Doylee
Posted 8th Jun 2019
I reviewed this server two years ago and gave it 3/5. I'm happy to report that I'm upgrading to 5/5.

This is now really an excellent Tekkit Classic server. There's a few chunk loading problems but whenever the server restarts these get cleared.

It's clear as day that the owner (TheKDub, who owned the server 2 years ago) has improved it in every way possible.

Seriously recommended. I've sunk a hell of a lot of time in over the past 2 months. I can't list all the good stuff with this server - it's brilliant. Try it out.
Posted 16th Mar 2019
Here's everything wrong with this server.

The "Shop" plugin is horrible. It's a single global shop and you can only cell certain items for a set amount. You have no idea what items have sold or if they sold at all. Prices are based on EMC value so an item that takes a lot of time to craft like a timer still sells for very little. An HV solar is $26,000. Anyone who could afford one of these could just make their own. This is a common problem across other servers as well.

So many items are restricted. You can't right click with a philosopher stone, Mercurial Eye is maxed on the 2nd level, don't bother making Gem armor, the powers are disabled. Can't use AOE with weapons, and the list goes on and on. The owner won't take the time to list all of the limitations he's put in the game.

There are so many console messages, you can barely read the chat. It's annoying. They're starving for votes so you're reminded of it CONSTANTLY.

Overall, the stability of the server is good. Reboots every 4 hours are kind of annoying, but expected. The owner is very defensive so don't bother suggesting anything that might put the player first.

There are usually about 5-10 people on at a time. I would say the very small community is based on the things I've mentioned above. Then again, the owner doesn't care.
The server replied:
"The "Shop" plugin is horrible. It's a single global shop and you can only cell certain items for a set amount. You have no idea what items have sold or if they sold at all."

Due to the existence of EMC from the Equivalent Exchange 2 mod, we have little choice but to set pricing based on EMC values, which is where our pricing is derived from. You can easily view what items you're selling with the /selling command, as well as how many of that item are being sold by other users with the /stock command.
In comparison to player shops / player malls, this system works significantly better for us. For the several years that we used player shops, players would really only shop at the 2-4 shops closest to the warp, only going past there if they couldn't find what they needed. Player shops also added unnecessary work for our staff as they had to monitor prices to ensure nobody was trying to sell items dirt cheap which kills the economy, and to make sure that inactive / abandoned shops were removed, which happened frequently.
While I would love to have a real functional economy on the server with player shops and everything, it simply doesn't work as well for us as UTShop does.

"Prices are based on EMC value so an item that takes a lot of time to craft like a timer still sells for very little. An HV solar is $26,000. Anyone who could afford one of these could just make their own. This is a common problem across other servers as well."

I don't know what you really expect us to do about this. Why should something cost less than the price of the materials to make it?

"So many items are restricted. You can't right click with a philosopher stone, Mercurial Eye is maxed on the 2nd level, don't bother making Gem armor, the powers are disabled. Can't use AOE with weapons, and the list goes on and on. The owner won't take the time to list all of the limitations he's put in the game."

Many of the disabled item functions are rarely if ever used, and there's good reason behind what we have disabled. The philosopher's stone for example doesn't respect land claims and the changes made by it don't get logged, so if we allowed it and someone went and changed all the dirt/grass in your claim to sand, cobble, stone, etc... you're out of luck.
AOE is disabled because it's way too similar to forcefield hacking. Mercurial Eye is limited in size because of issues with block logging past the current maximum size. Gem armor only has the offensive powers disabled because they've only been used for griefing and trolling.
If I had the time to go through and create a list of every disabled function, I would, but I simply don't have that much spare time.

"There are so many console messages, you can barely read the chat. It's annoying."
Then why not just submit a suggestion to have us decrease the announcement frequency instead of doing nothing and then complaining about it?

"They're starving for votes so you're reminded of it CONSTANTLY."
Players are only reminded to vote if they haven't voted in the past 24 hours, and the reminders are sent out once every 10 minutes. That's hardly a "constant" reminder.

"There are usually about 5-10 people on at a time. I would say the very small community is based on the things I've mentioned above. Then again, the owner doesn't care."

This community is one of the largest for Tekkit Classic, and the modpack itself doesn't have a huge number of players left on it, so keep that in mind.
The server generally hits 20-30 players on at once every day. There are times when the player count is lower, but keep in mind the server is US based with the majority of our users from North America and western Europe.

If I don't care about the server, why have I kept it going for the past almost 5 years, continuously trying to improve it, grow the community, and keep Tekkit Classic living?

Shawn, thank you for the feedback, and I hope you can find the server you're looking for.
- TheKDub
Posted 2nd Feb 2019
Played for around 105 hours,
great server,
People are friendly,
staff is helpful
wish there were more people in the morning

The server replied:
Glad you like the server!

- TheKDub
Posted 26th Jan 2019
Overall, this is a fantastic server. The community is a little small at the moment, but the members are generally friendly and helpful. The server has plenty of custom made features, is very rarely offline, and doesn't have any lag.

The custom vote streaks are a great addition, as is the incredible custom keep-inventory system that stores your items even if you disconnect before respawning, and even has an option to be disabled if you don't like it.

The staff members are friendly and do a good job enforcing the rules and helping players as needed, though they're a little short staffed at the moment.
The owner is pretty cool, and he tries to get as much community feedback as he can, which is a big +1 in my book.

I would definitely recommend that you at least give this server a try. It might not be exactly what you want, though it could also be the perfect match for you. You'll just have to try it to find out.
Posted 11th Dec 2017
I came to this server looking for one that's intact, fairly populated, and not nearly as restricting as some of the other servers out there, and I got just that. I very much appreciate the lax manner on banned/disabled items and the complete lack of rank restricted items (Which is stupid imo). I am one of those players that play a modpack for the sake of absorbing the entire modpack, and I feel I can do so effectively on this server due to its easy going staff, fair rules on item caps, and comfortable and friendly server community. I feel as if communications wise, owner -> Player interaction, heck even owner -> Staff interaction could be more frequent / detailed. I feel like there's a lot of guess work with info that others would find fairly important, and it even feels like the staff are guessing at half of the stuff they do, and are met with adversity when in question of these decisions. The community is amazing, one of the friendliest communities I've seen in a minecraft server for a long, long while. Spawn is pretty rad too. I would highly recommend this server to any friend looking for a tekkit classic server or a fun modpack experience, as this provides just that! ^-^
Posted 7th May 2017
In the description here: "EMC Farms Allowed"
Rule 4: "No EMC Farms"
The server replied:
I'm sorry that you're unable to read. Rule four states that you may not build or claim around 3 or more sides of a claim.
EMC Farms are indeed allowed on this server.
Posted 1st May 2017
Despite some interesting rules, Unknown Tekkit is by far one of the best servers I have played on. Staff is always very active and most of the players of always willing to offer help and advice. Server also forces you to be active to gain ranks, no sitting for nothing. Only issue is a lag spike every now and then but what server is perfect? All in all, I recommend this server to anyone and everyone.
The server replied:
Thank you for your review, I'm glad you like the server! :)
~TheKDub (Owner)
Posted 25th Apr 2017
This server lag, me and my friend had bad experience.. We had too change servers..
The server replied:
We're working on fixing the lag issue.
If you'd like to elaborate on the bad experience that you had, so we can solve the problem, please do so on the forums:

Posted 17th Nov 2016
Where to start...

1. First Impressions - When first visiting the server I spawned in to put it respectfully a ugly spawn, basically a stone house on fire with signs not even monitors...

2. Plugins - All their plugins are pretty much either from bukkit or spigot and they claim they have custom plugins, which is laughable. They have 0 custom plugins and their developer hasnt even logged on for a good few months. Who hasnt made anything since a year ago?

3. The Lag - OMG the tps is always low af and they have no idea how to reduce it... The owner does not have a clue how to control TPS and just lets the server run laggy all day.

4. I would not recommend this dump to anyone it lags and copy pasted its server description. The lag will just piss you off after a while and you will wish you chose a server with a good owner/admin that can actually manage it properly.

Finally all these reviews you read are fake and rigged... The players get rewards for leaving positive reviews, so just watch out for the lies.
The server replied:
1. If you can do a better job at a spawn, go ahead and prove it. We use signs instead of monitors as signs won't shut off on you leaving users without information.

2. You must not have spent much time on the server, if you joined it at all. We have more than plenty of custom plugins, providing plenty of features for the server. You have no way of verifying how long it's been since our developers have been online, and there isn't much reason for them to be on the server all that often anyways, they're not moderators, they don't need to be active in-game. You also have no way of verifying how long it's been since they have developed anything for the server. You have no legitimate evidence for your claims.
I have made plenty of the plugins for the server myself, and plan to make plenty more.
The majority of the functions added by the custom plugins are either back-end or command based, including, but not limited to, /playtime, our unique /rules command, the newly added UT-Shop, and our dynamic rewards system.

3. We are working on fixing the problem, when some days you don't even have an hour of time to sit down and work on the server, it's a bit tough to get everything done. If you think you could do a better job, prove it.

4. How did we "Copy pasted its server description"? It's a list of some of the features the server offers, and is just there until I can get the time to make a much more detailed description. Again, if you think you could do a better job, prove it.

As long as a user completes the correct form, they will receive rewards for their review, regardless of the rating.

And finally, I can tell exactly who wrote this review, Vivolus.
How about you go back to your server, and stop trying to steal from others?
Posted 16th Nov 2016
- Lovely staff, great and respectful and so is the owner.
- Awesome people who play on this server
- Moderation is good
- Server TPS could be better, not everything like steam engines go to full power because of it
The server replied:
Thank you for the review!

We're currently working on a solution for the recent lag, we should have a solution ready by the end of the month.
Posted 16th Nov 2016
Horribly laggy, inactive devs, have not been active for around 3-4 months, owner sits on the server AFK, very immature, Again extremely laggy, hardly custom content, as advertised, very generic, dont not EVER join this server, it lags horribly, and the content is awful.
The server replied:
If you've been inactive for 3-4 months, how can you say anything about the current status of the server?
I don't sit on the server AFK, I will sit on the server in the same location, yes, though when I do, I'm actively monitoring chat.
"Hardly custom content", There's quite a bit of custom content, though I guess that depends on your definition of content. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them on our forums.
As for the server being "Horribly laggy", I will admit, yes, there is some lag at this current time (11/12/16), however, we are actively working on a solution for it. When you're averaging 40+ users a day at a time, with over 300 individual user joins per day, the map is bound to get some errors which will cause lag.
And for the "inactive devs", I don't see why they'd need to be active in-game, they're developers, not moderators, they don't need to be online moderating the server, they're just working on improving the backend of things. If there's development work that I want done on the server, or needs done, I am more than capable of doing it myself as well.
Posted 10th Nov 2016