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CarbonNetworks - Tekkit Space


This server is complete shit an admin teleported inside my base and killed me and stole all my items. So never play on this server.
Posted 16th Nov 2016
OK server, it had a great community. But the server can get very laggy. Tho owner clearly doesn't care about its community. Server can crash and go down for days, and he recently changed the IP of the server without warning and basically killed its player base.

Also $300 Uber+ ranks with infinite food and a bunch of OP items isnt that fair.
Posted 18th Sep 2016
Laggy. As a previous staff member I can confirm that the owner is obsessed with profit and proxy voting.
Posted 14th Sep 2016
Very good server - can be a bit laggy
Posted 19th Jul 2016
My husband and I have hunted around for a reliable server for a WHILE now and it feels like every time we want to play tekkit, we switch servers. One of our least favorite things is when a server claims to be pve but turns out to be pve only on empty inventory. CarbonSpace doesn't do that, providing two separate places for both sets of players - those who like pvp and those who prefer pve. And they're VERY serious about their pve.

We had set up a tree house when somebody used a quarry to grief us. Not only did we get either ALL our resources back or their equivalent in server money, the individual was banned. This happened a second time with a different user who was also banned. (At that point, we just moved areas.)

The players are good people, easy going and happy to help and the mods responsive and helpful. Also, I ended up in an argument on another server about being trans due to someone misgendering me. Rather than correct themselves and move forward, I demeaning words were used in my direction such as Thing and It. I have NEVER had that issue on this server EVER with any players. Instead, they use they/them and go on with life.

Honestly, this is the best server I've played on and I really enjoy it. Everybody is mature and respectful and generally very wonderful. I was so upset when my computer wiped itself about a month back and I couldn't remember the server name for CarbonNetwork. But I'm genuinely so glad to have found it again and to be back! I literally cannot praise this place enough!

So if you're looking for an inclusive, respectful, friendly, helpful crowd who'll provide a pretty good Galactic Tekkit experience, these are your guys. (And from what I understand, pve is pretty good too!)
Posted 6th Jul 2016