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ProTF2 Tekkit [GriefPrevention] [NoLagg] [CoreProt


Pro TF2's Tekkit server is a great place to take Minecraft to the next level! We have a small, non-intrusive staff who help make the server a great place to play. You can be sure your builds are safe and secure with hourly backups, GriefPevention, and CoreProtect. All of the protection plugins have also been modified so they will protect the contents all of your machines, condensers, and other Tekkit storage blocks. We have also modified Equivalent Exchange so that all of the mining tools respect claims and don't directly modify blocks like other servers. Come join and stay for a long, long time!

===== Server Ranks ====

  • [New] Received when you first join. At this rank, you can only use the Transmutation Table, and Philosopher's Stone from Equivalent Exchange.
  • [Member] Received after three hours of playtime on the server. You will gain the ability to craft the other non-destructive items from Equivalent Exchange.
  • [Trusted] Received after one day of playtime on the server. You gain access to the destructive tools of Equivalent Exchange that were patched to respect claims, ComputerCraft, and other semi-destructive items.
  • [Veteran] Received after a week of playtime on the server. After being completely dedicated to this server, you gain access to ALL items. The instance you abuse this rank, you get put down to member never to gain a higher rank again.

====== Tutorials ======

How to claim and protect land: YouTube Video

==== Notable Plugins====

=== About The Owner ===

zachcheatham (Steam) of Pro TF2 runs the community's Minecraft servers and website. He is a Java, iOS, and PHP developer. He's been with Pro TF2 for about two years and has been running Minecraft servers for about a year and a half. Feel free to visit (which is currently undergoing a redesign) at anytime!


If you join and enjoy the server, please be sure to come back here and give it a vote!

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