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Eagle Realms Towny-Wars RPG Low banned items!




Welcome to Eagle Realms! Eagle Realms is a Towny-Wars RPG server w/ raiding & griefing & custom plugins. We have a plethera of features including: Custom RPG, a mob arena, player shops, a structure shop, in-game ranks.

-Low banned items!!!
-In-Game Ranks
-Custom plugins
-Mob Arena
-Player Shops

RPG System:
Our custom-made rpg system gives players the ability to improve their skills through their exp levels. Players can buy upgrades for their skills through /er level and get a 5.5% increase in them. This way you can really focus on what you want to be best at!

-Mining Speed
-Damage & Fire Resistance
-Attack damage
-Regeneration speed

In-Game Ranks:
Our 5 in-game ranks help make the experience fresher than ever and always give you a goal to work towards besides building up your town!
This includes:
-Unique abilities (Used by an item in your hotbar)
-An ever growing backpack
-Access to special structures
-A kit!

Structure Shop:
This feature is defiantly our most distinguishing and allows you to generate income for your town hourly! It even lets you create automatic mines! These buildings can be bought and are placed at your town. Once placed, they create a building that does hourly tasks and helps keep a town sustained and profitable. This makes having towns rewarding!

The bounty system presented is unlike any one seen before. It can be very rewarding yet has much consequence not seen in most other plugins. Players can place bounties on other player's heads and set their own prices! The catch is however, if a player doesn't pay off their bounty, they will become an outlaw and whoever kills them will get their entire balance!

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