This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to FurCraft

FurCraft is about Furries Enjoying their time on a fantastic server.

We tend to make you enjoy FurCraft, if you are a furry, or if you aren't one

If you accidentally joined FurCraft, and you don't like furries, then please don't join the server if you're uncomfortable with players roleplaying, and wearing fursuit skins.

The Rules are:

  1. No Cussing

  2. Don't offend anyone on the server (This includes both Owners*)

    • The Owners hate it when they heard rude words that offend them (They're gay, truth be told)
  3. No Racism/Religous Topics In Chat

  4. Please be kind to the players that are Gay,Trans-Sexual, Bi-Sexual (this leads back to Rule #2)

  5. No Sexism

  6. No Spamming

  7. No Hacking in any way (This includes: X-Ray, Hacking Mods, Nodus, Cheat Essentials, Godmode, Jesus, Speed Hacking, Fly Hacking, etc)


  9. No Begging for Staff

  10. No TPKilling (TPKilling is when one person tpa's to another player then kills them instantly) (This will Lead to a ban/warning)

  11. No Griefing/Raiding others structures/chests

  12. HAVE FUN :D

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