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Tekkit³ - Tekkit Cubed - Aiming for the best Tekkit experience

No map wipes -
Owned by a professional software developer

Almost no banned items

  • Golden Shovel claims
  • EE enabled
  • Great staff
  • Custom fixes
  • No lag
  • 24/7
  • Great vote rewards
  • Events
  • Unique money system
  • Great community

Find us @

Tekkit to the max!

I loved playing on this server when it was up and I'm truly sad to see it shut down.
The server replied:
Well it is back! Still cleaning things up, and it is a new world (old world would be too heavy, I still have it though ^^)

I did restore the 'original' spawn town including all the NPCs! If you want to have a go again at Tekkit Classic, without the big drama, give us another chance.

Donations might return, but at the moment, it is running 100% on my own funds and should continue running for a long time once again :)
Posted 17th Sep 2018
Theres quite a few banned items and you need to vote or buy a rank for access to some blocks/items
The server replied:
True, but in a very limited fashion. Most changes are there to make sure the server doesn't collapse.

Also, some custom changes were made to decrease the chance to get griefed. It is a trade off, but I stand behind the limits put in place.
Posted 10th Jun 2017
best server I've been at :D
The server replied:
Thanks, too bad not enough people kept interest forcing me to shut it down. But it is back now, running on a pre-existing server so I can keep it running, even when nobody is playing it.

In addition, my kids will play on it, so that is a good reason to keep it running ;)

If I consider it good for my kids, it should be good for other people too! :D
Posted 28th Jan 2017
What caught my attention for this server was the fact that the owners don't regen their worlds, and I've found it really hard to find servers that do the same. I'm really enjoying this server, and the community is just great!
The server replied:
The server is back, but on a fresh world though. But yeah, I never liked the idea of 'wiping' as I once was a regular player too on another server who wiped their world, removing all my great factories and felt terrible.

Now that it is back up, I'll be running it once again on the old idea of never having to wipe. Only counts for the main world though (titan), the mine world and nether can get regenerated from time to time, but you cannot claim anything there anyway.
Posted 17th Jan 2017
I joined and the staff were very friendly and welcoming. They uphold their rules and are fair. They also are looking to grow.
The server replied:
Thanks, we always aimed to be fair and kind. Moderators who weren't were swiftly dealt with.
Posted 24th Oct 2016
Advertising on other servers. Proof-
The server replied:
Super late, but to make it clear, the person mentioned in the screenshot was never a moderator or operator. We always were against this kind of spam.
Posted 14th Jul 2016