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BacoNetworks Tekkit 2



Its a very good server theres just a few things, one of the bugs cause me big problems one of them is ghost blocks, they keep coming because of some of the pickaxes im using. mostly the draconic pickaxe.
- LazyCheeseYT
Posted 9th Apr 2023
I have been very pleased with the server. I have predominantly played SF4 and its been great. On other servers that I have played, they typically reset the server every few months and Baco does not do that... I had my same base for over a year. The mods are fair and supportive and the users are great and try to be helpful. My only wish would be that there would be a paid tier where I could gain access to some cheats that would get me further along quickly. In SF2.5 there was a server I joined that had an equipment room that I had access to with a paid license (super cheap) and allowed for the early grinding to not be such a big deal and I could get straight to the fun, that would be wonderful. Thanks! Prime_Potato
Posted 1st Apr 2023
The server is perfect for a modded server there is no lag good reward system for daily logins and there is never a issue with other player.

Posted 12th Mar 2023
Stay away from this server , enter at your own cost ...
Posted 26th Feb 2023
Great server, great community. Custom Towny plugin makes collaboration seamless and fun.

Would highly recommend this tekkit2 server.

Posted 20th Feb 2023
I started on BaconNetworks many years ago when they ran FTB Infinity Evolved, and have come back every time I want to play Minecraft for a prolonged period of time. Servers are in great shape, staff is good - but the community is why it shines. Active, helping community with ingame shops that is populated mostly by the community. Its exactly what I wish for in a game.

Posted 19th Feb 2023
Server is honestly good. Staff do their job, and are fair. I created some machines that were insanely big and though they removed them, I appreciate a server that you're not waiting to break a block every time you turn around. You can find that here. TPS is always high, and they fix it when its not. Community is friendly, and discord is active. Very easy to get help if you need it, and the player-base is very helpful and friendly as well. Wish more people played tekkit 2, and I hope they would join this server. I agree with Dutch, a mining world would be cool where we could use the the power of the higher tools and collect resources. (Maybe something like on a prison server that resets every 30 min) Also better / more useful vote rewards and kits, they feel kind of vanilla.
Posted 8th Feb 2023
one of the most friendly and helpful staff and community best server for these mod packs hands down
Posted 6th Feb 2023
This is my first modded server, and with that said its really good. Other players are very helpful and staff are responsive. Overall, im very happy.

Posted 29th Jan 2023
been playing this server for a good bit now and to say the most its been a blast minimal griefing and raiding and its a really good community to play with
Posted 27th Jan 2023
TheUltim4te- This server is really fun is very balanced and just enjoyable I really recommend it but one thing I would like is some sort of way to get bacobits other than voting welcoming selling stuff etc
Posted 27th Jan 2023
My first server, I've always made the servers myself and think it's pretty great to play on it and it doesn't have any problems with lags or anything else

Posted 22nd Jan 2023
Great server, tps is great alot is possible on the server, only suggestion is make a farm/mining world where we can farm resources with for example: morning star/quarry.

~ Th3_Dutch_Gam3r
Posted 2nd Jan 2023
Very well built server considering Tekkit 2 has only been out a month. Awesome server! come play :)
- Brydens
Posted 20th Oct 2022
Yeah good server. Taylor_James02
Posted 16th Oct 2022
Very friendly and easy to set up groups / claim areas of the world. Server crashes on rare occasions but overall very high uptime.

- RuthlessFireZ
Posted 16th Oct 2022
Nice server, friendly community, helpful administration.
Posted 9th Oct 2022
Probably the best European Tekkit 2 server currently.
- n3onis
Posted 8th Oct 2022
The server is really good,i was searching a server like this to play with my friends for long time as we wanted to try the new mod "tekkit2". The server have really nice people inside and the best of all it has ZERO lag, we enjoy playing here and we would like more people to come as well.

Posted 30th Sep 2022
Never any server lag and the community is very helpful with problems.
Posted 28th Sep 2022
Always high TPS, seems to work well.

Limitations are pretty understandable. Has some systems in place to limit redundancies and prevent lag.

Uses Towny so your stuff is safe. Offers the availability to chunk load, but only if you are online.

They use the combined playercount across their network to push the rank though. Sometimes it shows there are 70 people on when there is only one person on, whereas other servers may show 10 and actually have 10.

Overall, good experience. -Area_54
Posted 27th Sep 2022
Love this server, been addicted since i started playing everyone is cool, helpful recommend it to everyone.

Posted 26th Sep 2022
Clearly one of the best, if not the best server out there. Stable and fast.
Amazing staff with fast responses.
Great developers who implement their own fixes, improvements and systems.
No P2W at all.
Also check out the other servers of the network.

- FloFri007
Posted 25th Sep 2022
This sure is a server!
-Love Aphelia56
Posted 24th Sep 2022
I have been a player of Tekkit, Tekkit Classic, and now Tekkit2. I am so happy that BacoNetworks uses Towny. It was my original plugin of building protection. The server is very snappy and I have had zero issues!!! - IGN brhimes3270
Posted 21st Sep 2022