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Classic Times, No restrictions, 3 banned items

pin_drop (private server)

This server is for those who want to have a special time in tekkit. kind of like in singleplayer but with other people. Essentials and Factions uuid are still here but are the older versions so they are working in tekkit. all mods and items are fully active (-nei because creative hack). there are 3 banned items and all items have functionalty. Hackers, Cheater, exploiters will not be tolerated and will be banned, if you find any of those people report it in the forum on the website: . you can also suggest certain things on the forum to introduce such as permission requests or speak to the owner if he is online.

Anything can be possible on this server because i want to make this server a community based one. forum posts will be taken into account as long as they are surrounding the aspects of the server and aren't stupid.

I guess that's all for now. see you on the server
~[Owner] Lukas
Banned list
Rep (Server crash glitch)
Item loader (dupe)
Adv item loader (dupe)

its white listed. also doesnt state its white listed.
Posted 5th Jan 2017