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PandaServ Hosting Official Server


PandaServ started in the mid of 2014, being very small we as all companies aim for high expectations, we strive for these every day, providing the best support and quality hosting for you to create your community and strive for success like us. We look at other hosts and see the things they lack, and that's high support We aim for the best support given, having types of communication like live chat, and support tickets that are replied in a matter of hours. Being one company in 100s that offer the same game servers, you may ask what makes us different, and it all comes back to our strive for success with push ourselves to make game hosting the best that we can, having top features and reliable servers. We fall under a perfect triangle each side being the import features we push into PandaServ daily, being Quality, Performance and costs, we keep the balanced with a great low cost. We have now released our first server and are currently looking for dedicated players along with staff. so come join the growing community!

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