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Prestige Networks | Tekkit Classic


Server Information:
Multi Hub Server
Factions (PVP/Grief)
Survival (PVE)
EMC Farms Enabled
99% uptime
20 TPS 24/7
Player Run Shops
Vote Milestone Ranks
DDoS protection
No Banned Items

Our staff are hand picked and sharpened to be the finest staff members possible.
We aim for a goal of a kid friendly server, in which anyone could enjoy.
The owners do not take any foolishness or abuse when it comes to being staff.
It is a privilege, one they applied for, if they abuse, they are gone instantly. No exceptions.
We have a set of guidelines in which they follow for all possible punishments and situations.

Plugins and Banned items:
We run custom plugins and patches to bring you an amazing player experience.
Prestige-Networks will always work towards no banned items, to suit any playstyle.
All our servers will also be hosted off a multi server setup, bringing you stabability and a 20 TPS 24/7 experience!

We have a system in which if you vote it scans for which server you are playing on and gives you the rewards in that server, so we don't restrict you to just getting rewards in survival.
Our voting rewards are made to restrict getting rich too quickly, as well as provide you with some goodies to vote for our server.
All votes help the server achieve a better ranking in the system, which allows us to reach a higher player base and give the tekkit classic community a well made server.

We are a server unlike all others.
The staff are kind hearted and wanted to bring a community in which all players could thrive, no matter how much money they have in their wallet.
You are free to do as you please so long as it follows our rules, without the threat of a staff member banning you for doing something you didn't.

Server Specs:
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1220v1
Ram: 32GB DDR3
Intel SSD: 500 Gig
Connection Speed: 1Gbit Port

What they say about 'almost no banned items' matters none if the items themselves have their functions disabled, The server has an uderwhelming protection system in the survival server, not even having a Logblock plugin, Liquids cannot be placed on the surface, forcing you to make large claims if you ever need to fill a space with water, Although it has a high uptime the server is also rather laggy, The server's economy is bad, terrible even, the staff forces the players to use a fixed price - thus, ruining the 'economy' aspect, since there's no competition, also, shop plots are small and limited, forcing the player to make a small and confusing tower if they wish to fit what they'd like to sell - still on the economy part, there's no adminshop where you can see the price of an item before making the shop, thus the server staff will intrude your shop and break your shop signs if you place a price they find inadequate or too cheap - there are many ways to fix that, but the staff does not fix those problems.
Also server configuration errors that are terrible, one as such is giving standard players certain commands that a donator would have, thus when the donator purchases the rank he will not receive what he thought was promised to him.

All in all? 1.5/5, only due to the small ammount of banned (but still limited) items i still play, and i can say with 100% certainty that if that was not the case i'd not play on this server, while it has a lot of potential, the server's staff gives little focus to the Tekkit server, and for such, we've never even seen the owner log in, even if to say a quick 'hi' and change some other random config.
Posted 6th Oct 2016
Portals are fixed, this servers staff work fast!
Posted 30th Sep 2016
The portal system dosent work. It dosent connect to the server, when you walk through them.
Posted 30th Sep 2016
Nether is disabled on this server
Posted 16th Sep 2016
Well balanced economy, great rewards for voting that aren't too OP so you can still enjoy Tekkit Classic progression the way it was meant to be.

Highly recommend this server. Do not believe the bad reviews, they are trolling reviews from other server owners.

Posted 12th Sep 2016
Love this server the staff are amazing and the players are nice, it really works with the no banned items and there is 0 lag! Which is amazing!
Posted 11th Sep 2016
I am playing on this server for 3 weeks now and I didn't feel any lags during that time. Additionally the staff is very friendly and if you need help they are always there to assist you. I can just recommend this server. 5/5
Posted 11th Sep 2016
This is a Very Good Server, I Didn't Dislike anything. It's really One of the best servers out there Currently. Good Staff, They do their Job well.
Posted 10th Sep 2016
Don't believe what these people say. They are hackers and immature kids. This server is downright amazing! They have kind staff and no lag. There custom plugins/patches make it even more fun.
Posted 10th Sep 2016
This server has great staff, they are fair and unbiased. They don't even have banned items, which is great! definitely one of the best servers I've played on and i have been to a lot.
Posted 6th Sep 2016
This is one of the best Tekkit Classic Servers I've visited yet. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the server doesn't lag at all and there are no banned items which is unique.
I just recommend you to take a look and get your own impression of the server.
Posted 1st Sep 2016