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Hello this is Tekkit_Tyler this is my Tekkit server
Here is some info
Tekkit_Tyler (~Tekkit_Tyler)
Skyward_Spartan (~xXSniperXx)
Bodrew12 (~Bodrew12)
cheeser365 (~JenniferChicken)

Rm and Dm tools are not banned what so ever.
Red matter Armour and Dm armour and Quantum and Nano are not ban also what so ever. Condensers and collectors transmutication tablets and relays also not banned. Alchemy bags are not banned either. Rings enabled.
Some rings banned.
What are banned is anything that can create lagg duplicate allow you to edit terrain in spawn and safezone and warzone and other peoples faction
Griefing is only allowed when it is un-protected to teach noobs a leason for not protecting land.
You would be suprised on how many you might find if you look hard.
A info website to help you if your new at Tekkit:
Please enjoy my server.

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