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Hello All!

I'm here today to show you a tekkitserver that has an affinity for keeping items unbanned! As of now, there are only 4 Banned Items! I'm also planning to keep it up as a 24/7 Server!


The Server:
Its a normal Minecraft Freebuild Survial Server everybody can build everywhere and play
with other friends.
I cannot upload some screens because its a Survial Server we dont have Buildings only a small spawn for you

We got Essentials and you can TP too a player but he needs too accept it
Have Fun in UltraCraft and build your Ultra houses and fabrics


No griefing (theft, damage to others property, etc)
No asking for Items
No asking for Admin
Do not use hacked clients or mods such as x-ray


LWC - Prevent people stealing your stuff
Worldedit - For protecting your home
Worldguard - creeper explosion
Essentials - Simple Command /help
LogBlock - Anti grief tool

Not to mention a number of anti-griefing plugins to keep you safe.

Disabled things:
Nuke, TNT, Cannons, Dynamite

Admin/Lead Moderator:


We'd like to thank everyone that has played on the server, it makes us really happy seeing you all enjoying yourselves.

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