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BeastGaming Tekkit


BeastGaming Tekkit
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BeastGaming Tekkit is a new tekkit server. We have a brand new world, so get on fast and get started building your factories!


I will be giving a bunch of events today and tomorrow. Join soon, and get events like XP events, getting more xp, The End Raids, Nether Raids, Mining with a group of 20 people, Pixel Art Contests, FreePlay Creative, adventure/parkour maps, and more!

Sup guys, we here are just a tekkit server. Actually no, we are THE tekkit server. Or will be. Depending on how you guys look at it. On this tekkit server we have a couple of plugins, some for the administration. Other plugins are GriefPrevention, which allows you to protect your land very easily. LWC locks all your chests, including the new items like condensers, crystal chests, machines, new furnaces, etc.


Griefprevention is extremely easy to use. First, get a wooden shovel by crafting it or getting it from /kit guest.

BeastGaming Minecraft - How to connect!

Im doing this for you guys who don't know how to download the launcher and play! You need to buy the game in order to play, and once you have an account, follow these steps
Download Launcher at
Enter your name/pass
When you open the launcher click on the drop-down menu that says the words TECHNIC in big letters on it.
Change the words from TECHNIC to TEKKIT.
Log in, and add a server with IP:

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