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T3tro Craft


Amazing Economy Server With things such as a amazing community, vote crates, player marriage and allot more! We just introduced Towny into our wide selection of things todo on our server! We have roleplay cities with payable power, land owners and motels and can't forget multi million dollar companies and businesses taking over the world! Join us today for something special! New Things! Looking for staff! Ask for the application! Make sure to join our discord for more info or questions! Use this code: E7YHZuA

After the last changes in the server. You need to know the address of the Discord channel.

Zyaney, Thanks
Posted 8th Aug 2017
great server has a very good money system and nice and helpful staff ignore the other review he was banned because he asked for staff not an application i was on when this happened
Posted 22nd Jul 2017
Terrible server. The players in the game were alright, however the real problem comes in with the owner and staff. The owner banned me five minutes after coming onto the server when i hadn't even done anything, and i requested an application link for staff. He immediately got extremely toxic and told me to "Get out of his server", and then when i pointed it out to him that he was being salty, he banned me. Very immature and terrible way to treat new players. Do not go on this server.
Posted 21st Jul 2017