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TechnoNetwork - TekkitClassic


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Well, things have improved a lot since the previous review. Seems the new ownership has helped the server. It's quiet a lot but the server performs great and the small community is awesome! They are fixing plugins that were broke before and new staff were recruited while the old were demoted. The server has become great!
Posted 25th Apr 2017
This isn't your typical "this server is bad"-type-review. I have perfect justifications for my rating.

I joined onto a dead server, which was nice. I was looking for a server that was quiet, and I got that. It was all down hill from there. They have invested WAY too much time on subjects that are irrelevant. There are servers on page 2 of Tekkit Server List who have everything patched. I am not judging the server on not having everything patched, but I'm judging them on the fact that they pour too much time on their "custom plugins" that do not have many features for players anyway.

Secondly, the staff of the server were clueless. There was clearly no correct structure for the staff. They were all acting as if they owned the server, which was just great to find another server like that. The one person in charge was incredibly arrogant and too big for his boots. He likes to act as if the world revolves around him. Next, the developers were equally as arrogant. I had actually heard off of some players that one of the developers is a rather malicious person. Overall, the team is so fractured, full of arrogant, childish, and pathetic people.

Lastly, I joined another server after this one, and naturally I explained my concerns to the owner of the new server, and they actually had plenty to tell me about the staff of Techno. They're apparently apart of a team of people who were the reason for numerous servers going down. The one person from Techno was actually a member of staff of a server that was attacked several times by the former staff member.

This server is just another poor attempt. They're joining the ranks of several other servers who only run servers for the purpose of taking people's money. Another side note, though - this server has jumped 600 votes in a few days when they've only just started. I think that you guys at Techno should post your vote statistics. You are faking votes to increase your popularity, and your server is poor.

I'm glad I could leave an honest first review. I can bet that you will probably just disable your reviews because you cannot take criticism, just like you behaved towards me when I joined your server.

Thank you guys for reading. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a better rating.
The server replied:
Hello there,
So I am very glad you posted your honest opinion of the server. In fact I think you are 110% right about the server. However I just recently bought this server because of the fact I think it had a good probability of becoming a decent server once a lot of things where fixed on this server. However I am not sure who told you that we crash other servers. We do not do that I can assure you! This server since April 6, 2017 was bought by the Orion-Network. We have had a few problems, but we have recognized this server is nowhere near the server it could be along with needing huge amounts of patches.

However I am sincerely sorry you did not enjoy your time on our server. I will promise this server will see a lot of improvements coming soon. Also thank you for taking your time out of your day to review our server! Very much appreciated!

Very Respectfully,


Hello. I'm extremely apologetic that our staff have acted this way. I have taken necessary precautions to make sure this does not happen again.

- iplaytekkit // Head-Admin.
Posted 8th Apr 2017