This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Aged Craft - PVP | GriefPrevention w/ Siege | Mini


Aged Craft is a new PVP server with a great ranking system. We intend to put trust into our players and our ranking system does that.

By default you start out as a newbie player, and don't have much permission. As with most servers, we try not to trust our newbies and as such, you are required to at least play 4 hours minimum to get what's considered the "usual" items.

We have 4 ranks past newbies:

  • Members (4 hours)
  • Trusted (48 hours)
  • Elite (72 Hours)
  • Loyalist (7 Days)

Each rank gets more benefits than the last. For instance, Loyalists actually get RM Tools and the ability to use all the usual banned rings and even RM furnaces.

Join the server and read the ranks board for all your benefits. All loyalist benefits will be updated on the site soon. Until then just ask me. (Phyrax)

Banned Items

  • Catalysts (Lens, DC, etc..)
  • All Explosives
  • Quantum Armor
  • Red Matter Armor
  • Black Hole Chest
  • Ender Chests
  • Filler
  • Template Drawing Table
  • Builder
  • World Anchors
  • Teleport Tethers
  • Compass
  • Mining Lazers

Mods Installed

  • Multiverse (Future Event Worlds)
  • Grief Prevention ( I like it better than factions )
  • Auto-Rank
  • World Border (6,000 radius from 0,0)
  • DynMap (Link on site)

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