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ToastyNetworks★12 Modpacks★NA & EU★Professional★

Posted 14th Jan 2019
I have spent over 1000 hours on Toasty. I have had nothing but great service. Lag is minimal. Staff is exceptional. And, gameplay is unmatchable. Thank you for providing top notch service!
Posted 11th Jan 2019
Great server, Easy to use. alot of fun and very helpful people
Posted 8th Jan 2019
This is one of the best servers I played on and would recommend to anyone playing tekkit legends or any mopack for that fact
Posted 27th Dec 2018
Nice server. Very nice and funny. But i cant speak in my language
Posted 25th Dec 2018
Great server w/ active players & staff!
Posted 18th Dec 2018
Toastynetworks is an amazing server. It hosts many modpacks and does what you'd expect it to do. Performance is great! The staff is very active and helpful. The amount of effort put into the custom launcher for the server is absolutely stunning. The server has a great community and awesome launcher. Staff is very responsive. The server is none P2W and it has ranks that you obtain from playtime in-game. I have had a blast playing the server only 30 hours in. It's a great server overall. 10/10
Posted 15th Dec 2018
good Servers good players
Posted 12th Dec 2018
Great server little to no lag
Posted 4th Dec 2018
Friend server, where everyone help whenever they can. No griefing, nice stable servers, big shops where you can buy everything what you need. Love it.
Posted 28th Nov 2018
This a great, friendly server to play on. The staff are friendly, and great at helping.
A world reset every 12 months, if possible to do so, would be a refreshing experience.
Posted 23rd Nov 2018
I gave a rating of 5 because the server is very well built no lag what so ever and I appreciate how nice the spawn is built is how nice the staff is.
Posted 13th Nov 2018
Helpful and cool players, great server and almost no lags!
Posted 18th Oct 2018
very good server supports alot of modpacks
Posted 15th Oct 2018
I started playing few days ago and I am really having a blast while playing. Everyone on the server is very communicative and friendly. Server is not lagging even though i play from Europe on American server. It is very playable and fun. Staff is pretty cool and always ready to help anyone.
Posted 8th Oct 2018
Only started playing today and have made pretty good progress so far. Great server, felt Welcomed and Appreciated to have joined the server.

Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Loads of open land, hardly any banned items.
Next to no lag.

Glad to be back on Tekkit, used to play a long time ago (3+ years) and its just as good now!
Posted 2nd Oct 2018
Awesome community, Always staff online and never shy to help u. Great economy.
Just an awesome server witch has something for everyone
Posted 23rd Sep 2018
By far my favorite server! This server is just amazing! They have a lag free server which is honestly what I have been looking for the whole time! They also have a really great community and a great staff team which is always there to help you!
Posted 17th Sep 2018
This server is clean fresh friendly been loving it here cant wait to play more! the gameplay is tough too which is exciting!
Posted 12th Sep 2018
I like that you can have your own island and that there is a shop.
The lags spikes are anoying and thats the only downside.
Posted 31st Aug 2018
Very pleased with this server. it has a great atmosphere, no body tends to bother me or grief, and everyone uses clean language. great server.
Posted 30th Aug 2018
Good comunity and will help you if you dont know so good to play with tips ,very good at performance and at players.Admin will always help if you are on eu server nope sorry guys
Posted 29th Aug 2018
Fantastic server! Fair staff that do their job and help the players. Great server for beginners and veterans of tekkit.
Posted 29th Aug 2018
Best server! No lags. I really like this server.
Posted 28th Aug 2018
IGN: _wind_

My friends and I don't play minecraft all year long, but when we do we always check to see if the ToastyNetworks servers have the modpack we want to play. The staff is goes above and beyond to not only be helpful but also friendly. The servers are insanely convenient and easy to use. There's enough freedom to do whatever you wish and good alternatives for mods that cause too much lag.

I recommend these servers for anyone looking to have a good first and repeated modded minecraft experience!
Posted 27th Aug 2018