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ToastyNetworks★12 Modpacks★NA & EU★Professional★

ToastyNetworks Europa!

ToastyNetworks Europa!

Join our EU servers for the following modpacks!
Tekkit Legends

Tekkit Legends

Join the Tekkit Legends server now:
Feed The Beast Beyond

Feed The Beast Beyond

Join the FTB Beyond server now:
Sky Factory 3

Sky Factory 3

Join the Sky Factory 3 server now:
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved

Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved

Join the FTB Infinity Evolved server now:

~~~~ ToastyNetworks Modded Servers~~~~

ToastyNetworks HUB

FTB Project Ozone 3 – 1.12.2

FTB Stoneblock 2 – 1.12.2

FTB Continuum – 1.12.2

FTB Direwolf20 – 1.12.2

FTB Revelation – 1.12.2
North America:

FTB Sky Adventures - 1.12.2

FTB Sky Factory 3 – 1.10.2
North America 1:
North America 2:

Agrarian Skies 2 – 1.7.10

FTB Infinity Evolved – 1.7.10
North America:

Project Ozone 2: Reloaded – 1.7.10
North America:

Regrowth – 1.7.10

Tekkit Legends – 1.7.10

~~~~ Main Features ~~~~

  • Exclusive plugins and mods to improve everyone's experience!
  • Dedicated developer
  • Professional administration
  • Trained staff
  • Actively working to fix any TPS (lag) issue with powerful tools and exclusive patches
  • Support ticket system: both ingame and on our Discord server
  • Backup system: never lose your precious base and inventory again (more below)
  • Registered company: you can't get scammed
  • EULA Compliant: no unfair advantages
  • Custom boosters system: everyone get the same awesome perks
  • Cosmetic items and effects
  • 5 years experience

Backup system:
We have a very powerful, custom professional backup system that makes differential backups every 10 minutes of all the servers data. We are able to rollback your base and/or your inventory if something bad happens!

I absolutely love the variety and performance of their servers. I will be playing with them for a while.
Posted 13th Oct 2019
Awesome Server, Great Staff and enviroment!
Posted 9th Oct 2019
Mostly no lag, wide variety of servers to choose from. Always come here whenever I wanna make a playthrough.
Posted 22nd Sep 2019
This server is amazing and i love it so much.
bit laggy at times but what r we gonna do amiright?
Posted 11th Sep 2019
Pretty good overall, I think I reviewed this before and I haven't ran into many of the things I might have said then. The only problem is that every now and then if it crashes, it will sometimes take a few hours to come up. Not because of some weird stuff, but because there is a real issue and they are fixing it. This only happens pretty rarely but I've ran into it a solid like five times. My other misgiving is that the packs I want aren't on there, but that isn't really a problem of the network.
Posted 16th Jul 2019
Ive only played for about 2 hours and its a really fun and reliable server. No mods are taken out and other players are friendly.
Posted 25th Jun 2019
This server is a great server Iv'v been playing on it since it was only tekkit legends
Posted 4th Jun 2019
My server review:

+ 0 Lags
+ Very nice gameplay
+ Helpful administration
+ There are no blocked items
+ Very nice rank system (I wanted to change the rank from time to time)
+ PVE (I've been looking for a server for a long time where you can safely build)

- The server is great that's why there are no disadvantages :D

Review made by patrykxkoksu
Posted 30th May 2019
No lag, really friendly staff... 9/10
Posted 22nd May 2019
Nice people. Helpful staff and helpful players.
Posted 6th May 2019
Yeet that skeet es a good server
Posted 29th Mar 2019
cool server so far, no opinion just doing this to get the vote reward
Posted 22nd Mar 2019
probably one of the best servers i have played on! Really good selection of mods to choose from.
Posted 22nd Mar 2019
very nice and stable servers good staff
Posted 19th Mar 2019
prima server werkt goed kan er prima op spelen
Posted 15th Mar 2019
Great environment, good stability and overall fun.
Posted 12th Mar 2019
Very nice staff, no lag, just wish there was a central area for player shops instead of custom warps to people's plots.
Posted 9th Mar 2019
great admins and community :)
Posted 8th Mar 2019
Great Staff and friendly community.
Posted 4th Mar 2019
The first thing I'm gonna say is I recommend this server, but not to everyone

-Voting rewards are spread to everyone currently in the server
-Close to no lag server-wise*
-Community is nice most of the time
*There is a problem where sounds would be replayed over and over for 3 seconds, but that's pretty much it

-There is barely anyone on

If you are someone who likes to work with a lot of people, then this server won't be for you, there really isn't that much people on which doesn't bother me since I like to work alone, but to someone who like to start a group then I would say look elsewhere
Otherwise great server
Posted 2nd Mar 2019
server don't lag and haven't a lot items banned
Posted 3rd Feb 2019
I'm loving this server. It has an active community, multiple modpacks, no lag, and minimal banned items to ruin the experience. It is by far the best public server I've found.
Posted 26th Jan 2019
Loving the community of the server. Staff was nice and the people actually helped me out since I'm bad at the game OwO. Game was a little laggy but probably just my potato. 10/10
Posted 21st Jan 2019
I have have enjoyed my time at toasty, the servers are fast and the staff a truly a delight
Posted 19th Jan 2019
im playing in this server with my friends and we love it
Posted 16th Jan 2019