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Prestige-Networks | Tekkit Legends


Server Information:
Survival (PVE)
99% uptime
20 TPS 24/7
Player Run Shops
Vote Milestone Ranks
DDoS protection
Minimal Banned Items

Our staff are hand picked and sharpened to be the finest staff members possible.
We aim for a goal of a kid friendly server, in which anyone could enjoy.
The owner does not take any foolishness or abuse when it comes to being staff.
It is a privilege, one they applied for, if they abuse, they are gone instantly. No exceptions.
We have a set of guidelines in which they follow for all possible punishments and situations.

Plugins and Banned items:
We run custom plugins and patches to bring you an amazing player experience.
Prestige-Networks will always work towards no banned items, to suit any playstyle.
All our servers will also be hosted off a multi server setup, bringing you stabability and a 20 TPS 24/7 experience!

2 Diamonds
100 Claim Blocks
1 Alchemical Chest
1 Vote Credit
1 Vote Key
1 Dark Matter

We are a server unlike all others.
The staff are kind hearted and wanted to bring a community in which all players could thrive, no matter how much money they have in their wallet.
You are free to do as you please so long as it follows our rules, without the threat of a staff member banning you for doing something you didn't.

Server Specs:
Ram:128GB DDR4
Intel SSD: 1 Terabyte
Connection Speed: 1Gbit Port

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