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Techron - Tekkit Classic Server


Who are we?

We are Techron. We aren't constantly begging for people to play on our server by offering them unfair means of obtaining items. When you come to our server, you are met with competition and challenges to allow you to enjoy your time on our server. We just want you guys to have fun.

What do we have to offer?

We have such great features, such as:

  • Golden shovel claims
  • Awesome timed ranks
  • Fair and great donation ranks
  • Amazingly designed spawn
  • Fun features for all players
  • Beautifully designed website
  • An awesome community that is welcoming

What puts us ahead of the competition?

As we are apart of a server network with a handful of dedicated developers - we are always ahead of the curve on patching mods and plugins. Afraid of malicious players crashing the server? Don't worry about it! We have patched every known crash in the community. To add to that, we also have duplications patched and other exploits.

Our team doesn't sleep until the server stays perfect.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to our server!

After trying many different classic servers, this is the one i will stay! Such a nice and friendly community with helpfull staff. Almost no banned items and here staff actualy listens to players! Well done 5/5
Posted 4th Mar 2017
This is just a great server. Very friendly staff that answer all of your questions honestly. Also, there is very few banned items (Just anchors). They may call it "disabled", but I have confidence they will eventually find a way to enable them again. To top of the great development, they also have a friendly community.
Posted 26th Feb 2017
connection lost bad login cosa devo fare?
The server replied:
To get rid of this problem, simply restart your client. That way you should remove the Bad Login error
Posted 21st Feb 2017
Very nice new server, friendly staff and very helpful!
Really enjoy my time here, almost no banned or restricted items. 10/10 Keep up the good work guys!
Posted 6th Feb 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed playing on this server. The staff are very helpful and the general community is very friendly. They have almost no banned items and have a very good economy.
Posted 4th Feb 2017