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Moppolis Gaming - EMC FARMS ALLOWED!

Moppolis Gaming!

Moppolis Gaming!

Enjoy freedom! Less than 10 banned items! EMC Farms allowed!

Less than 10 banned items! Moppolis is back with it's permanent relaunch! We are back to provide you with the freedom of our Tekkit community. This time we're coming back hard with Tekkit Classic and the working of an Ark, Arm 3 and Space Engineers server! Every item in game is obtainable without donating. Donators receive special abilities and opportunities as well as items. We are here for you! Looking to recruit 1 mod and 1 builder, will be interviewed and experience required.

They have banned buildcraft pipes... seriously wow but instead of saying that they have done that, so they can get away with under 10 banned items. They have a rule saying no buildcraft pipes. GG server GG
Posted 15th Nov 2017