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Golden Sands Sky Factory

Golden Sands Sky Factory 3


Great new server, awesome staff
custom crafting recipes
cool perks and kits to help give you a head start (optional)
awesome vote rewards

The staff on all the servers in this network work really hard, and sky factory is no exception. Despite the challenges of running many of the FTB modpacks as servers, the Golden Sands staff have excelled at creating guidelines to minimize lag for the players. The staff are respectful, dedicated and friendly.

I've played on servers in this network for just over a year, and I'm not leaving any time soon. I've loved the occasional challenge packs they support, and their custom items and recipes make the game more interesting. But most importantly, this server seems to have the best community of players I've ever found. Many older players that have stuck around for a while now, and solid involved leadership.
Posted 22nd Feb 2018