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TimesCraft is a brand new Tekkit server offering great Tekkit experience.
The server is hosted by group of Minecraft players from Finland with over a year experience from hosting Minecraft servers. Our first server was started at 11th January 2011.
Our server is ran on a dedicated server located in Germany with 24GB of RAM and i7 920 Quad Core CPU @ 2.66GHz and 100mbps up/down connection.

24/7 online
100 Slots
Backups every 12 hours
Automatic saves every 30 minutes
We keep you up-to-date about server related things via forums and Twitter
Live map (
Ranks by playtime
Monthly voter rewards
Economy/mcMMO ranking on website
TeamSpeak 3 (Hostname:
Casino Slots

Don't have an idea of how any of these work? We have made some tutorials for you.

No griefing
No scamming
No 3rd party programs (Cheats/Hacks)
Do not abuse a bug/glitch

Newbie - You start here. Basic access to commands like /sethome, /home, /spawn, /kit starter and more

Member - Requires 12 hours of playtime. No new commands, yet. Few new blocks

Trusted - Requires 24 hours of playtime. Access to hide/show yourself from livemap with /dynmap show and /dynmap hide. Few new blocks

VIP - Users who have donated. Access to /warp VIP, /tpa, /tpahere. Gets reserved slot in server, can use colors on signs, keeps EXP after death, MobArena VIP class, full access to all blocks

Supporter - Everything from VIP rank but also access to /hat, /heal (usable once every 5 minutes) and MobArena Supporter class

Moderator - Players who are here to make sure that you enjoy playing on our server as well as answer to any of your questions and concerns you may have

Lead Moderator - A person who is in charge of Moderators

Admin - Players who are the formers of TimesCraft. Feel free to ask them questions about anything you like, they're happy to answer.

List of items which are banned from the server.

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