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In Game Money Ranks


Our server runs on a DDoS Protected host which has 8GB of ram so we can hold a lot of players.
Everyone is welcome to join us.
i do allow dupes 1 because our eco dont runn off selling things to server we give out money threw the ranks you hit and /vote and we have wall signs that give money on a cool down pluse /jobs /lottery /auction we have ontime plugin that also give money every 30 min to a hour up to 2 hours resets every time you log off or server resets so every 30 min up to 2 hours of game play you gain money we are addning alot more ideas just need time =]
We are 100% grief protected anti hack we do have a few banned items more detail in game. people dont give it a chance so i hope you do we take everyones ideas if they are good please dont come in asking for staff or op or gamemode please i have forums page for staff and complaints
the number one thing is this server is 100% lag free we have it set up so no lag will enter the server no matter what you do, some things will make it lag but the tps goes right back up we are a older group 20 + but we accept all ages i hope you guys find interest in our server and become part of tekkaTech hope to see you soon =] love MRxINUPIAT

Version: 1.2.5 Tekkit classic server

This is a well pieced together server with friendly staff and even just players offering to help all the time. I think this server has a future and it will attract many more people.
Posted 26th Sep 2016