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Trash tekkit survival server


This is just a vanilla survival tekkit 1.6.4 server. That's about it.

Pretty trash. I wouldn't join to be honest.

It's "dedicated" as in it's on a PC in the parent's house, so it may just go off for some reason to another.
I mean, look at the address, it's just the IP, no snazzy DNS Domain names for our server ! That should give you an idea of the quality. Also being just the IP, it may just change without notice whenever the ISP feels like it haha.

UK BASED, TEKKIT 1.6.4, DUAL XEON X5650 SERVER, QUAD CHANNEL DDR3 ECC REGISTERED. ~ pretty trash, the whole setup cost like £35.

It was a jet engine in a past life.


^ that's the PC above this text. So I wouldn't rely on this server haha

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