This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Omneix Tekkit Classic PVP Raid

Our Unique Spawn. Hand Built by us!
Shape your journey how ever you choose!
There is no Limits! Build an empire!
Our Public Nether Warp Easy Travel to the Nether!

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Hello and welcome to the Omneix Tekkit Server List page!

Before you read on, we are a Faction PvP Raiding Server, come check us out and this server may be for you!

We have active, enthusiastic and non abusing staff who work tirelessly to improve your experience within our community. We are running custom plugins that are rarely, if not used on other servers which gives us an edge on the experience we can deliver to our members on a daily basis.

We have a custom industrial credit economy (IC) which is tailored to the needs of you as a player of our community.

On Omneix, even if you have Quantum or not, nobody is invincible. We are by no means a Pay To Win server, in fact we strive away from that by handing out a fairly and carefully thought out starter pack which does not under or over power the player.

On our server we like to keep banned items to an absolute minimum unless it can be potentially game breaking or unfair to a certain party of players. For example, unlike many servers the MK2 Crafting Bench is unbanned from the popular dupe glitch with it, Also MK3 Relays/Collectors can be used by ANY rank. Thats right, ANY rank.

Our Rules on Omneix are:

  1. No Spamming And Using large amounts of CAPITALS
  2. Using hacked clients is prohibated!
  3. No building on top of the nether!
  4. Griefing SafeZones or Protected areas is stricktly prohibited!
  5. No duping of any kind.
  6. No abusing glitches or bugs!
  7. No DDOS threats or attacks.
  8. What ever the owner says it considered a rule

More rules can be found ingame by using /rules

Thank you for reading, I hope you take the time to join Omneix to see for your self how awesome it is.

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