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Kastacraft ... A Tekkit 3.1.2 Server


[3.1.2]KastaCraft[PVE/PVP/Creative][60 slots][OPEN][mcMMO, Stargates, Economy][No EE/BuildCraft]

• Website:

• Server Address:

• We are a family-friendly survival server at heart. We have gone with a TEKKIT server the ease access and intergration it's mods like RedPower2, BuildCraft and RailCraft provide. While we are based around survival style game play in our main world map, through the use of multi-World support we do offer a Creative world and PVP in restricted zones. (creative and some other items are VIP perks, details on the website)

• We are a new server and comunity, but our founding members are real/life friends/Family and have been playing online games together for years. We are pleased to open our server to the public and invite you to join us and help build this causual, family friendly server and comunity.
The Founders: Kastadja, Sci648, Ishycat, VoidOloth, Thutkin, Ishys_Kitten

• More on game-play, ranks, VIP perks and back Story, to be added/Updated soon) •

We are currently hosted on:
• Quad core Intel Xeon E3-1270 3.4Ghz
• 16GB DDR3-1333 RAM
• Intel Solid State Drives
• 7200rpm SATA3 Western Digital drives (For Backups)
• Custom written Linux kernels for extra performance
• Multi Gigabit and 10-Gigabit capable backbone providers.
• All running on Rock Solid Cisco equipment.
• SAS70 Type II audited data center.
• Directly peered with over 100 other networks including AT&T (Level 3)

VISITORS: Read all of the server rules, IF and ONLY IF you intend to obey the rules then return to the server and chat the following words: I will obey the rules

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