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PumpkinSL's Tekkit Classic

Welcome to PumpkinSL!

Welcome to PumpkinSL!

Join us for an awesome PvE experience!

PumpkinSL is a project created by diamondpumpkin to help the gaming community evolve into a better way of thinking and learning.

Ever joined a Tekkit server, and staff were just mean. No reason to be they just were, we hate that. We know what it's like. I have joined many servers like that and they are not very welcoming. That's why here at PumpkinSL our staff is mature and trained well. We don't treat our player like garbage. We treat them the way we'd want to be treated. With the up-most respect. Today PumpkinSL has a new Tekkit Classic server that we want to share with the community, we have very few banned items with a PvE experience like no other. Map is freshly created and lots to explore. Hope to you see you soon! ;)

Server Information:
Dual Opteron 6128 - 2.0GHz 16 Cores
Dedicated 1Gbit/s Internet line

The server is extremely pve safe, as items that cause damage,cause destruction, and cause bugs are disabled or countered. An example would be the abyss helmet, a gem armor. Its power can summon lightning which can harm other players. This power is disabled, but the armor itself isnt, providing a safe armor. Another example is a nuke. The nuke causes a lot of destruction and lag, which resulted in it being banned. I also can rely on staff members. I first joined tekkit and i did not know much,but in a few minutes,i knew a lot.
Posted 20th Mar 2017