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TruthhLessReborn! Welcome!

This is TruthhLessReborn, This server is a refined version of the old (TruthhLessServers). And for those of you that knew how much of a success TruthhLessServers was, i am sure you will enjoy this one as well. This server has a whole host of features and it is always under constant development to make the time players spend on the server the best and most fun filled we can make it. We pride ourself on having a very friendly and active staff steam as well as a great comunity for players.

Some of the feautures of this server are:

  • Greif prevention for all players
  • PvP Off
  • Economy for all players
    • Mall
    • Player Shops
    • Spawn Shop
  • AutoRanking System
  • Competitions
  • Friendly Comunity
  • Runs 24/7
  • Good staff opertunities

We have TeamSpeak for players to talk in as well as Plug.Dj for all players to hop on and Dj with each other to music whilst playing. The server is open to anyone so come along and find out for yourself! Make sure to visit our website for all server information. We hope to see YOU soon!

Very friendly staff which welcomed me when I first joined with a very helpful community. Would recommend this server to anyone who wants a small and very friendly server.
Posted 12th Aug 2016
The server is amazing, well balanced economy and everyone is friendly.
Staff is really helpful, and it's always lots of fun to play on it! :D
Great rewards from voting, donor ranks are greatly balanced as well, as their kits!
10/10, would invite and play with all my friends on this server :D
Posted 9th Aug 2016
I made a Joke and i was banned, it was not even harmful/Offinsive. Apparently i broke a invisible Rule. Unban me and i will remove this review
Posted 4th Aug 2016