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Candle Craft


This tekkit server has barely and rules no items are banned its ulmost like vanilla but with a couple plugins you can pvp where ever you want. pvping inside spawn is not alowed though thats why we got it disabled there. right now there are only 2 staff members The host xrayhunter and me the owner fastik. yes hes the host because he hosts the server and since i know how to fix alot of stuff im the owner yah its a bit complicated. staff members are needed but we are gonna be carefully selecting are staff members. server will become 24/7 when we get enough donations to make it 24/7 the first person to join will get 1-2 redmatter duping is illegal on this server though as this is the servers first day there should not be anyone with red matter tools or armor. we will be making a website soon :)

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