This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tekkit Classic server!
(3.1.2 CB 1.2.5)

We have DynMap on server:

VOTE AND GET COINS (Be in game when voting, or no reward)


  • PvP is allowed. (using keepItems 50% if you die).

    (Sapphire sword is buffed, can kill player with quantum in 6 hits)

  • Don't like PVP? Type /pvp and turn it off for you.
  • Gold Shovel to claim your house.
  • BOSEconomy get coins with playtime and voting.
  • Set home plugin.
  • Lockette (sign on chest) for tekkit.
  • Spawn plugin.
  • Teleport plugin (/tpa)
  • ChestShop for your coins! Many items for sale.
  • Portals in spawn.
  • MobArena (fight to get items and XP in the arena)

Buy RANK at our webpage and get items and mutch more!


  • No griefing
  • Be nice to players!
  • No spawn PvP!
  • No duping and hacking!

Other rules and tips in the spawn tour!


Banned items list in spawn (see signs).

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